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nj newborn photographer

It doesn’t need to be said – but I’ll do it anyway.  The hair on Henry is AMAZING. I love getting to see clients for both their Fresh 48 sessions and newborn sessions in their home.  It’s crazy to see how quickly their babies change (even though I’ve witnessed 3 of my own do the […]

I seriously cannot get over this little guy.  His hair, his smile, his eyes – and the cutest yawn!  I got to see baby Jayden for his in-home newborn session and it was so much fun (have you seen his Fresh 48 session?!).  For those of you wondering what in-home sessions are all about, 1 […]

I wasn’t sure if she could top her Fresh 48 (have you seen it!?!) – but Sophie knocked her newborn session out of the park.  Two words can be used to describe her on that day — sleepy and sassy (sometimes at the same time!).  She also loved being swaddled- but do not underestimate her cleverness […]

Sweet little Wesley.  It was so neat to see this guy TWICE in just a few short weeks — and this time I got to meet his fur brother too!  If you missed his Fresh 48 – check it out here.  I could have filmed a commercial for the baby shusher during this session – […]

We had been texting for a while before the session.  I was researching a company on LinkedIn and a familiar name popped up – a friend from high school.  Well, actually elementary school.  We lived one block apart for most of our lives but hadn’t spoken in years.  I reached out to ask about her job […]

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