Springfield New Jersey Twin Newborn Session

We had been texting for a while before the session.  I was researching a company on LinkedIn and a familiar name popped up – a friend from high school.  Well, actually elementary school.  We lived one block apart for most of our lives but hadn’t spoken in years.  I reached out to ask about her job – and thanks to Facebook, noticed that she was expecting twins.  Due in a just a few short days.

We got to speaking about newborn photographers – and when she didn’t have one – I knew I had to get those babies in front of my camera.  We made plans.

When the day came, hours before the scheduled session, my phone buzzed.  They were running late.  My response – no problem.  I adjusted.  As a mom of three, I know that even with the best intentions, things don’t always go according to plan.  Especially with a baby.  Especially when it’s your first tiny human.  Mamas need flexibility – and no extra stress.  And this new Mama had 2, not 1, newborns at home.

I knocked on the door.  It was calm and peaceful inside their home and it got such amazing natural light.  You would not have guessed by the looks or sound that there were 2 new babies in this apartment.  You could hear the blow dryer, which was like a gentle white noise, but that was it.

When Sandra walked out of her room, she was glowing.  The way her and Arthur looked at each other, and their little boys, was pure joy.

It was an honor to photograph your new, sweet family.  You are not only a beautiful mom – but you are such a natural.  You make it look easy.

Summit NJ Newborn Photographer_0001.jpg
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December 3, 2017


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