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2020 has been quite the year!  A few months ago I had a crazy idea to go spend a week in Maine this fall — I mean, if everything is remote and the kids are being homeschooled — what’s stopping us from a change of scenery!? As a kid, I spent many summers in Maine […]

glitter mini sessions

These girls met in the Fall of 2017, we had just moved to NJ and were at the baseball field a couple of nights a week.  We didn’t know anyone – but being the only two girls there, it seemed obvious that they would gravitate towards each other and start playing.  Well, that never happened.  […]

berkeley little league team photo

  My oldest son, Max, has been playing baseball since he was 5.  This spring has, by far, been the most fun season of baseball to watch.  These boys now understand the game and you can see each players personality come alive.  I am so thankful I brought my camera to the last game of […]

I don’t often take photos inside for milestones — I much prefer to be outside at the beach!  It was still pretty cold out this April, and also very WET.  My baby was turning 2 — had a haircut scheduled for the next day — and this mama freaked out.  I wanted to take a […]

I heard it might snow again!?! (ugh)  Spring cannot come soon enough, but snow pictures are some of my favorites!!  During the first snow of this season, we packed up the kids and headed to Argos Farm for some pictures and s’mores.  We had a blast — and I love how these snowy winter wonderland […]

Meet my Valentine! Baer, my youngest, is almost 10 months old (!).  He is really starting to show his spunky and sweet personality these days.  I set up a quick Valentine’s Day mini session up in my living room a couple of weeks ago — and I’m so glad I did!  He was really hamming […]

Hi, and welcome!  I’m Amanda Bonneau, a motherhood photographer based in New Jersey. On my blog, I’ll be sharing my latest work and some snippets of my life outside of photography land (ie kids, kids, dogs, food, more food, kids, you get the point)! Thanks for following along.

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