Ocean Gate Pier Surprise Proposal: Sunrise Beach Engagement Session – Megan & Chris

When Chris reached out to me on Instagram about photographing his sunrise proposal on the beach, I was all in!  After 10 years of dating Megan, he said it was officially time to pop the question (and then buy a boat!).  He mentioned that they’ve discussed going to see the sunrise at the beach many times – but never made it happen (I get it, it was EARLY!) – what a perfect reason to set that alarm extra early and enjoy the moment!

He did such a great job planning the proposal.  When we started talking about where on the pier he’d pop the question, he shared that he went there earlier in the week with his dad to do a walkthrough and make sure it would be perfect.  So sweet and thoughtful.

That morning, I got to the beach a little early — it was cold and dark but the clouds were breaking up so I was excited about the sunrise!  I camped out in my hidden spot and got my gear out so it could adjust to the cold temps!!  Right as I sat down and had my camera in my lap, a couple arrived and headed out to the end of the pier.  They came from the opposite direction and about 20 minutes earlier than expected.  But what were the odds there were two couples on a random fall morning at a quiet beach at sunrise?

I instantly got nervous that plans had changed and Chris didn’t have an opportunity to tell me.  Panic mode kicked in.  Coincidentally, this couple started talking about how I had a camera in my hands and the guy said jokingly that it was to capture their proposal.  Was this a hint from Chris to make sure I knew it was him??  The girl immediately said I ruined it because she saw me, giving the guy a hard time.  My stomach sank.  I ruined it.  I heard all of these things mostly because of how quiet it was, and how sound traveled on the water.  Honestly – I was freaking out.  None of this was what we discussed!!

Thankfully, right on time, another couple arrived (YAY), parked where we discussed, and started walking over to the pier just as the sun was rising.  Phew.  The real Chris and Megan!  The plan was executed perfectly and it was the sweetest proposal.  After Chris popped the question, their family popped the champagne!!!  He arranged for their families to be there to celebrate and afterward they all headed out for brunch!

Here are a few of my favorites from their suprise beach proposal at the Ocean Gate Pier!!


January 28, 2021


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