My Name Is Amanda.

I’m pretty sure this is the part of my website where I tell you when I started taking photos - or when I purchased my first camera - or how in high school I developed a passion for the arts. I’m not sure any of that matters.  

I’m a laid back mom, rarely the “better half” to my husband, and a beach loving photographer. I grew up in North Jersey and moved to Connecticut for college where I studied psychology. Unrelated to my major, I worked for 10+ years in the finance industry and after 15 years of living and loving Fairfield County — decided to pack up our 3 kids, dog and 2 cats, sell our Southport home, and head down the shore!   We now spend our days on the Barnegat Bay enjoying the simple pleasures that most people only get to enjoy for a week or two while on holiday. (I always loved when my Irish colleagues called a vacation “holidays” — I think it has a nice ring to it!)  

I’m well versed in Baby Shark, Fortnite and LOL’s. (If you don’t know what those things are — head on over to the wedding section of my site — and check back here in a few years!).  

When I’m not chasing around my crazy tribe, enjoying the weather, finding lost shoes, watching little league games or gymnastics meets, I’m likely behind a screen fine tuning my craft.  Photography is always on my mind.

Boy Mom, Girl Mom, Dog Mom, Cat Mom -- all the moms. 

My Faves

A collection of things I love.

Take me to the ocean.

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